Why foreign coaches for IPL when you have the best proven taskmasters in India?



We have heard that MNC’s taking over the developing countries. We have heard that globalization is the new wave going on in the world as well as in India. Whatever we eat, the mobiles we use, the medicines we take, the cars we drive, the trains and planes we travel in are all made out of India. Globalization has hit India the most and especially the Chinese, japanese and the English brands taking over our lives but does globalization apply in cricket too?

IPL which stands for “Indian” Premier league has more than 40% of the players from outside of India. Is that fair when you have lakhs and crores of aspiring cricketers waiting to show their talent in any given platform? We are paying millions to the overseas players but have we ever realized that there are players who are twice talented and are just waiting for the right platform and opportunity and who can play even at free of cost or minimal cost as all they need is a platform to perform!

The fitness staff, the physios, the sub coaches, the head coaches of almost every team in the IPL are sourced from overseas countries, but why? Why is the biggest question! We have a bench of most successful ex-cricketers, Ranji legends and hard working coaches who have developed the sport of cricket in India in the last 10decades but why are they not taken on board in IPL? Do we even know that Mumbai who has won 45 Ranji titles so far, who were the coaches behind that team? Do we even know their name? Do we even know how good they are in honing a player’s skillset?

Why a player like Jaffer is always sidelined and cannot be a batting consultant? Why a player like Kumble can’t be the bowling coach? Why a player like Robin Singh is not the fielding coach? Why a player like Mohamad Kaif, Balaji, Ramesh Powar and so many other names not considered in IPL. Why are legendary players like Laxman, Venkatesh Prasad, Javagal Srinath, Kapil dev amongst many not considered for the role of coach?

The only positive this year was Ranji legend and the 2nd highest state level run getter of all time Amol Muzumdar being appointed the batting coach of Rajasthan Royals OR else have we even heard of these senior names who have shaped the grassroot cricket in India playing at state level like Rashmi Parida(7516Ranji runs),  Sitanshu Kotak (7607 Ranji Runs), Pankaj Dharmani (7621Ranji runs), Amarji Kaypee, Hrishikesh Kanitkar, Mithun Manhas (8554 Ranji Runs), Devendra Bundela (8851runs), Utpal Chaterjee (401Ranji wickets),  Sairaj Bahutule (405 Ranji wickets), Vaman Kumar (418wkts), Bhagwath Chandrashekhar (437wkts), Narendra Hirwani (441wkts), Sunil joshi (479Ranji wickets), S Venkatraghavan (530wkts), Rajinder Goel (750wkts). Has IPL ever thought once of giving such talented bunch of Indian cricketers giving chance either as a player or as a coach as per their age and skills? The answer is a big ‘NO’. Despite the fact that India has the highest stock of cricketing talent in the world we are outsourcing coaches and players from outside. It’s like kings staying in Dubai which is the biggest gold market in the world but buying gold from other country!

Even at state level, there are legendary coaches and prolific cricketers who have spent their entire life performing excellently at Ranji level, why are they not given any opportunities in any capacity as a player, coach or a mentor in the IPL teams?

Seems like globalization has hit even the IPL as everything right from the cheerleaders, to the brands associated, players, coaches, physios everything is sourced from outside only!

IPL should be renamed as MMFPL- “Money Making Foreign Premier League”





 Haineel Shah


The article was orignally written by the same writer for renowned grassroot level sports website Sportsnasha.com