Was insulting Sanjay Manjrekar by Ravindra Jadeja in good spirits?

The bashing of Sanjay Manjrekar by Ravindra Jadeja which everyone is lauding, is that worth a laugh? Is that acceptable? As a commentator he has the liberty to put forward his opinions, whether criticizing Shami for being expensive in the death overs vs Bangladesh or talking about some improvement in our middle order where Dhoni and Kedar were playing slow is completely acceptable from a cricket fan’s point of view or even Sanjay Manjrekar’s point of view. Also the number of matches doesn’t define a players class, there are various reasons why a particular player can’t have a prolonged career, doesn’t necessarily mean that you make him bog down by saying that you have played more matches than him. Just managing to reach the national team whether it’s 1 match or a 100 matches is a matter of pride and respect. So Sanjay Manjrekar who has represented India in Tests (37 Tests) & ODI’s (74 ODI’s), Sanjay who has a batting average of 55.1 with 31 first class hundreds and a List A batting average of 45.1 in 146 games (which makes him far more experienced than Ravindra Jadeja), Sanjay who has been commentating around the World past 20 years closely analyzing the game. Are you making fun of that person by saying that you played more games than him? Calling him a verbal diarrhea? Well this comment by R Jadeja may have made amateur fans happy but I am sure the rest of the people from cricketing fraternity would have considered this as kiddish.

A man who averages 55.1 in First Class with 31 tons, a man with an average of 45.1 in List A matches, a man who has traveled the world commentating past 20years– Who can be more relevant and a better expert than him to put review and comment on Team India’s performance?

Yes what Sanjay said for Ravindra Jadeja was a bit in your face but what Jadeja replied was far more kiddish. If he went below the belt to humiliate Manjrekar on his International Career, Sanjay could have given a fitting reply too but that’s not what he is as a person. He is an honest reviewer of the game and while reviewing you can be a bit in your face, its part of a the job to be honest but sadly the ugly battle looked embarrassing not only for them but also for all the fans.

Hope Ravindra Jadeja understands the meaning of #seniors and how to respect #seniors and their experience when you are in the same field. If Jadeja had not replied on twitter like this and given a strong performance whenever the opportunity came to him, he could have earned more respect not only from fans but from Sanjay Manjrekar too.




Haineel Shah