Two sports lovers doing their bit for the sports from a level where no one wants to start at!


At a time in Mumbai and in fact all over the world where people are just busy minting money and surviving and working hard for their family and themselves, we hardly do our bit for the society. Who has the time and money at the first place? Isn’t it? Yes that’s a hard fact but a truth but there are some people who go out of their way to do something for the society. Even a little step towards something good for the nation can go a long way but most of us tend to ignore that.


Yes the two people we are talking about is Rajesh Deo and Shirish Deshpande who are going out of their way, out of their comfort zone to promote sports and sports persons from diverse sports right from the grassroots level. Rajesh Deo who is one of the most loved professors of Vile Parle with an extensive experience in the field of education. He is also an equally dedicated sports lover. Though he is a cricket freak, but he loves all the sports. Shirish Deshpande who has been an ex officer of NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) and also an acclaimed author is also one experienced veteran in the field of banking and government sector.  Both these people have their own lives, both these people have their own families, both these people also have their own busy lifestyle and work but still they went out of their way to come up with an initiative to promote grassroots sports and launch a platform called



The basic aim of Sportsnasha and these two people is to promote all sports and not just one particular sport. There are thousands of talented sports persons in every corner of India doing good in diverse sports but unfortunately the media only tends to cover cricket and celebrities. Thousands of talented people are not getting the attention and exposure which they deserve and eventually they remain unnoticed despite putting so much of hardwork and achieving so much of success in their sports.


At a time where every second we want to earn money, look for profitable ventures, these two peeps many a times spend money from their own pocket to do many tasks and events. Meeting talented sports persons, sponsoring their journeys, interviewing them, arranging sports events while also running the website and keeping it updated daily with informative content. is growing leaps and bounds, even though the journey has been tough with lots of difficulties, but their childlike passion and determination to keep going brushes off on others too. Even the recently concluded Khel Darpan event was a great success where numerous sports persons from diverse sports like Table tennis, football, carrom and many other fields were felicitated while numerous personalities from print media, sports psychology, health and fitness, social media came to give speeches and share their knowledge.

Even though they have started with limited capital on a small scale, they are definitely making this world a better place and improving the current scenario of grassroot level sports. Also it will be noteworthy to mention that they have one more silent partner with them in Chhaya Pawar who is not only a national level Kabbadi player but a great philantropist who keeps supporting this cause!

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