Top 10 Most Entertaining Cricketers of All Time!

No doubt there were many talented players who were just a treat to watch who are missing out on this list but we have tried our very best to compile a list of top  entertaining cricketers of all time!

Vivian Richards- West Indies

Viv Richards drives during his 232, England v West Indies, 1st Test, Trent Bridge, June 1976. (Photo by Patrick Eagar/Patrick Eagar Collection via Getty Images)

One of the biggest legends in the world of cricket, Viv Richards was aggressive, hard hitting batsman from the word go. He was so entertaining with the bat that the caribbean crowds would go crazy when he would arrive at the crease and equally go mad when he used to get dismissed. He used to score runs at a pace which was very quick during his time and hence he had all the ingredients of being one of the best entertainers on the cricket field.

Shahid Afridi- Pakistan


The most loved & favorite kid of Pakistan, the hearthrob of the Pakistani women and the hero for the little kids of Pakistan. He has many tags and he is by far the most popular cricketer of Pakistan in the history of cricket. He was only 17 when he arrived into the international scene and scored a century of just 37 balls. The boom-boom batsman then went viral, add to it his good looks, his hard-hitting & entertaining batting, his trademark way of celebrating wickets, his confusing spin & wicket taking abilities, his charm and unique brand of aggression which made this madcap player one of the most entertaining players in the world.

Virender Sehwag- India


The modern day Viv Richards or even better than him. Sehwag has been India’s best opening batsman ever, in fact one of the best opening batsman in the world. Strike rate of 116 in ODI’s and close to 85 in Test cricket. Two triple test centuries, Seven double test centuries and even a One Day Double century. When he gets going, there is a doomsday for bowlers. Sehwag smashed the ball no matter what and gave India some of the finest starts for many years. He was not afraid of any bowler in the world, in fact he terrorized everyone including the top bowlers of the world. Such was his swag, Sehwag would smash sixes to complete his double centuries, triple centuries & other milestones. There is a different level of anxiety and excitement when he is on the crease. Anything can happen!

Shoaib Akhtar-Pakistan


The fastest bowler of the world during his time. His run-up, speed and aggression was next to no one in the world. The way he bowled and removed the stumps of the batsman including the best of the world was just awesome. Add to it his constant brawls on the field, aggression and his iconic way of celebrating wickets by running around the field with hands held high like a bird or a train! The Rawalpindi Express will always remain one of the most entertaining players cricket has ever seen.

Adam Gilchrist-Australlia


Adam Gilchrist was one of the most destructive openers in the world. He used to give blazing starts for Australia which were totally fun to watch both for the Australian fans as well as to anyone around the world. He was one of the rare breed of hard-hitting wicket keeper batsman which are not seen nowadays in Cricket.

Sanath Jayasuriya- Sri Lanka


The Sri Lankan Legend started off as a bowler but who knew he would turn out to be the most devastating and hard hitting batsman of the world. Over the years he entertained the world with his whirlwind knocks and lightning quick boundaries. One of the most prolific one day all-Rounders in the world is also one of the best entertainers cricket ever had.

Lasith Malinga-Sri Lanka


Be it his toe-crushing deadly Yorkers, his eccentric hairstyle, his way of eroding the stumps of the batsman and changing the course of the game or his totally different “Slinga” bowling action. Lasith Malinga was a treat to watch on the field and also unplayable at times.

Chris Gayle-West Indies


No pitch or a stadium is big enough for this tall left handed bull from Jamaica. The way he hits sixes can damage a bowlers confidence and ego for years. It can mentally destroy a bowler’s career. The brutal power and aggression of this guy can single handedly make win a match. His powerful sixes, unbelievably quick 50’S and 100”s are simply entertaining to watch for his fans.

Brett Lee-Australlia


Brett Lee was a stuff of legends. His cheetah like run up with his hair waving in the air, his bowling action &  simply a sight of him bowling and batsman not able to figure out his pace was just blissful to watch. The way he broke stumps with his tearaway pace was not only entertaining to watch but it also made him one of the most feared pace bowlers in the world cricket.

Brendon Mcullum- New Zealand


After Adam Gilchrist, if there is any wicket-keeper batsman who was entertaining to watch, it should be Brendon. His odd yet powerful looking brutal shots, his aggression and the pace at which he scores runs is a sight to watch. On his day he can give a breath-taking performance that can be full value for money for the tickets bought by the spectators.


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