This is why Gambhir Must Be Called Back To The National Side!

Gautam Gambhir who started off so well in his career and also went on to become one of the most dependable openers for India for almost half a decade suddenly went out of form and got dropped from the national squad!

The aggressive yet composed left hander surely deserves one more chance for making a comeback to the National side. And, looking at his current perfomance in IPL, he is out there to prove, that fire still ignites in him to play for India. In fact Gambhir has himself confessed that he is playing IPL to make a comeback for India & here are five reasons why Gautam Gambhir should be called back immediately!


Anyday better than Shikhar Dhawan!


Unlike Dhawan who is still cashing on the debut he made against Australia and featuring for India again & again. Gambhir is far more a better option than Dhawan as an opener. Dhawan has looked totally boring, uninterested and has lacked that fire & lustre since the longest time plus he is terribly inconsistent! While Gambhir was just out of form, apart from that he is a very consistent & an agressive opener who has given India some great starts and wins!


Far more experienced than the current lot of Indian Openers!


Gambhir has played and opened a lot with the likes of Sehwag and Sachin. He has also played almost his entire career as an opener. So he knows the opening business spot on & he is a proper opening batsman! Unlike Rohit and Dhawan who just appear to be poor and inconsistent makeshift openers. Plus Gambhir is more stable, confident, agressive and consistent than them!


India needs an experienced Batsman at the top of the order.


Gambhir has played over 50 Tests and over 150 ODI’s for India despite not playing for India since last 2 years. He has also played & excelled a lot on tough sub-continent pitches like South-Africa, Australia and England. He has a lot of experience at the top of the order and has learned a lot under the likes of Dravid, Laxman, Sehwag and Sachin. Bringing him in would be a really wise and practical decision because apart from Yuvraj and Raina, no one is looking as experienced as Gambhir at present in the side.


Can make a perfect opening pair with Ajinkya Rahane in ODI’s.


Gambhir and Rahane can be great pair of openers. Our sixth sense also says that. Not only a right hand-left hand combination but also a more practical and consistent pair unlike rohit-dhawan or rahane-dhawan. Plus Gambhir would blend well with Rahane’s approach towards batting in ODI’s!


Records Speak too!


Gambhir has close to 9000 International runs and over 20 International centuries. He averages above 40 in tests and close to 40 in ODI’s which makes him highly dependable. Plus he settles down quickly and is far more agressive than the current lot of openers.

Hope BCCI is listening!


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