The 4th innings Warhorse: Most Career Runs in 4th innings of a Test


Before we start the article, let us tell you that scoring runs in 4th innings is extremely tough, the pressure is there as the match is on the fag end where both the teams are giving their best in the last sessions to extract the results in their favor, the wicket changes in the 4th and the  5th day, the ball starts to turn more, generates more pace and moreover the batsman is also exhausted under such tough situations after playing for 4days compared to the 1st innings where the batsman is fresh on the crease. Hence, any player who can score consistently at 4th innings is genuinely talented and deserves a special applause as they mostly go under noticed and unappreciated.


                                             Gordon Greenidge batting in 4th innings of a test

While Sachin is at no.1 only because he has played more innings and he has got more test matches to play or else he would be nowhere in this list at a batting average of just 36 which is way below than his career average of 54. In fact two of the biggest legends Lara and Tendulkar average only 35 and 36 in their 4th innings which makes them nothing sort of extra ordinary which is also quite surprising. That is the reason we say, that stats does not always define a player while the likes of Younis Khan and Graeme Smith have been silent warhorses for their teams. Younis Khan also has the most number of centuries in 4th innings with 5 test hundreds at an impressive average of 50.19 while Dravid & Laxman average(40+) more than any Indian batsman apart from Gavaskar in the 4th innings just proving why were they called as the real fighters and understated legends.


                                                         The 4th innings master- Younis Khan

Sunil Gavaskar and Gordon Greenidge average a staggering 58 and 53 respectively in 4th innings which is till date the highest average in 4th innings which also proves that no matter how many new players arrive on the block, but the legends live forever. The most impressive in this list have certainly been ex-South african skipper Graeme Smith, Ponting, Younis Khan, Gavaskar and Greenidge while Sachin and Lara’s dismal record in 4th innings may give you a little bit of a shock!


1 . Sachin Tendulkar(IND)- 1625 runs in 60innings at an average of 36.93 (7fifties, 3 hundreds)Best- 136

2. Graeme Smith (SA)- 1611 runs in 41 innings at an average of 53.70 (9fifties, 4 hundreds)Best-154*

3. Shivnarine Chanderpaul (WI)- 1580runs in 49innings at an average of 41.58 (11fifties and 2hundreds) Best- 116*

4. Alastair Cook (Eng)- 1561 runs in 50 innings at an average of 97.17 (9 fifties, 2 hundreds) Best-116

5. Rahul Dravid (IND)- 1552 runs in 56 innings at an average of 40.84 (9 fifties, 1 hundred) Best- 103*

6. Younis Khan(PAK)- 1465 runs in 41 innings at an average of 50.50 ( 6fifties, 5 hundreds) Best- 171*

7. Ricky Ponting (AUS)- 1462 in 43 innings at an average of 50.41 (6fifties, 4 hundreds) Best- 156

8. Brian Lara (AUS)- 1404 runs in 45 innings at an average of 35.10 (7fifties, 2 hundreds) Best- 153*

9. Sunil Gavaskar (IND)- 1398 runs in 38 innings at an average of 58.25 (8fifties, 4hundreds) Best- 221

10. Chris Gayle (WI)- 1390 runs in 43 innings at an average of 42.12 (13fifties) Best- 82

11. Gordon Greenidge (WI) –1383runs in 38 innings at an average of 53.19 (6fifties, 3 hundreds) Best- 214*

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