SVIS- A School not only a perfect destination for education but also for sports and especially Cricket


Over the past 25years and more, SVIS School has been at the forefront in terms of education and overall development of a child. This school has been around for more than two and half decades long before new names cropped up who are here to just mint money. This school has been imparting education since the times when education was not commercial but to impart knowledge in the real sense.


Over the years, SVIS Kandivali and Borivali have maintained consistent benchmarks in terms of their quality in education while also keeping a proper focus towards sports and extra-curricular activities for the overall development of a child.


SVIS is also amongst the very few schools which till date has staff & professors who have been a part of the school since its formation or have been a part of the school since many years now. More than that,  SVIS has proper facilities when it comes to extra-curricular activites like sports, dance, music and literature. The focus is just not alone on the textbooks but on every aspect a child wishes for and that’s what makes SVIS Special.

What’s more SVIS is also a breeding ground for sports lovers where all types of sports are being played at all levels. Infact, SVIS is also amongst the very few schools who also have their women’s team in cricket.


Also let us inform you with one more fact that SVIS is also the school which gave india “ROHIT SHARMA”. Rohit under the blessings and support of SVIS director Yogesh Patel thrived and practiced hard to reach where he is. Rohit still credits the school and is thankful to all especially Yogesh sir.


The success does not end with Rohit Sharma alone, even Shardul Thakkur who is currently making waves abroad and giving South African batsman a hard time on their own turf is a product of SVIS.


Still if you think these are the only laurels, Mumbai Under-14 captain is also from SVIS only. Run machine and a genuine all-rounder Ayush Jethwa has been piling runs at will and just recently brought the Under 14 West Zone Trophy home as a captain of Mumbai is from SVIS.

Just like these boys, many more students are progressing either in Sports, education and in other fields which is a testimony to the fact that SVIS imparts the most precise and quality education to its students.

In the last 25 years, thousands of students have came and passed out from SVIS and today they are successful doctors, engineers, journalists , CA’s and CS’s amongst other professions.







Haineel Shah


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