Statistics & Bio of Mann Bhanushali


  • Overall Bowling Statistics Since 2017- (Includes Non MCA, Local and MCA Tournaments)
  • Matches-330
  • Wkts-712 wkts
  • Bowling Average-13.25
  • Econ-2.50
  • 9 wkt haul-1
  • 8 wkt haul-1
  • 7 wkt haul-1
  • 6 wkt haul-4
  • 5 wkt haul-12
  • 4 wkt haul-15
  • 3 wkt haul-64
  • Best Bowling Figures-9/107

Overall Batting Statistics since 2017

  • Matches-330
  • Not-Outs-52
  • DNB-160
  • Innings played-118
  • Runs-2429
  • Batting Average-20.58
  • Strike Rate-73.56
  • 50’s-6
  • 25+ & 35’s-44
  • Best score-94

MCA Statistics since 2018

  • Matches-42 (Includes Longer Format Red Ball Tournaments like CPCC and Giles Shield)
  • Wkts-110
  • 5 wkt haul-3
  • Best-9/107 vs Amar CC
  • Bowling Average-16.58
  • Econ-2.33
  • Overs Bowled-304.4
  • Maidens-89
  • Batting Average-14.15
  • Not outs-5
  • Innings-18
  • Runs-184
  • Best-Score-49*


Mann Bhanushali (From Left)
  • Matches formats played since 2017-
  • T20 matches– 170
  • 25 over matches- 21
  • 30 over matches- 24
  • 35 over matches-17
  • 40 over matches-44
  • 45 over matches-18
  • 50 over matches-35
  • Total Matches- 329


Mann Bhanushali (From Left) with Pravin Gogri Sir

Total “Man of the Match” Awards since 2017 in 329 games– 62


Highlights since 2017

  • Appointed as the captain of the prestigious DY Patil team in the MCA CPCC Tournament’19 where he took a 9 wkt haul vs the powerful Amar CC team in the only match he got to play.
  • Took 27 wkts in 9 games in the 2019-20 season of MCA U14 Giles Shield Tournament representing his school team Anjuman Islam.
  • Was inducted in the Mumbai U14 Probables list in November 2019 on the merit of his performances.
  • With 18 wkts, Mann was amongst the highest wicket takers in DSO Tournament’19
  • Took 10 wkts in 3 matches of U12 MCA Bhaskar Trophy Selection Tournament’20 at an economy of 2.80 & a bowling average of 9.00. Took a 6wkt haul as well as scored 49* in the tournament.
  • Took 10 wkts in 4 matches of U12 MCA Bhaskar Trophy Selection Tournament’19 at an economy of 3.00 & bowling average of 11.45.
  • Took a hat-trick in Kalyan Open tournaments named GPL Tournament. Subhash maidan.
  • Took another hat trick in U12 match in Asf Academy, KBP College Ground, Vashi.
  • With 10 scalps in 3 games, Mann was the 2nd highest wicket taker in PMP Tournament’19 in Pune.
  • More than 2300+ runs & 700+ wkts in last 2yrs across all formats.
  • Created a record by taking a hat-trick in the only over he got to bowl vs the senior Vizianagram Team on their ground. A record which Pravin Gogri sir said was achieved almost after 5 decades on that ground.
  • Also took a hat-trick in a U14 Tournament at Subhash Maidan, Kalyan.
  • In ASF Premier League-took 21 wkts in 7 matches at a record economy of 1.63 & a bowling average of 3.5 (Best economy for a U12 Bowler)
  •  Scored a crucial 61 and bagged 2wkts in the late 1st Vijay Hazare Tournament.
  • Overall he scored 114 runs @29.00 at a strike rate of 90.00 while with the ball he took 9 wkts at an economy of 3.17 with a bowling average of 15.37.
  • Bagged 62 “man of the match awards” in 330 games i.e he comes up with a match winning performance almost at every 5.3 games.
  • Has been selected to play at the DY Patil Sports Academy on the basis of his merit & talent where he may get chances to play with & against senior players.

Teams he has played for so far:

1. Avinash salvi foundation.
2. Rayat cricket club.
3. Dr. D.y patil sports academy.
4. Bombay union sports club.
5. Dahisar Sports Club.
6. Bhosale cricket club.
7. KRP XI.
8. Santosh pathak cricket academy.
9. Vijay indap cricket academy.
10. Mumbai sporting union club.
11. Maharashtra Cricket Academy.
12. GM sports club.
13. Ambitious sports club.

14. N.S.F.A. Club. Nashik.
15. PMP GROUP. Pune.
16. Panvel cricket sports academy, panvel.
17. Borivali cricket club.


In 2019,  Mann was appointed as the skipper of DY Patil team wherein he took a brilliant 9 wkt haul vs Amar CC team in the MCA CPCC Tournament’19. On the back of his merit, Mann was also inducted in the Mumbai U14 Probables in November 2019. With 18 wkts, Mann was amongst the highest wicket takers in DSO Tournament’19.  Mann was also the 2nd highest wicket taker in PMP Tournament’19 in Pune where he had 10 scalps in 3 games. In the 2019-20 season, Mann was stellar in his bowling taking big 5 wkt hauls in major tournaments like U14 CPCC and U14 Giles Shield tournaments. In the 9 Giles matches he played, he came up with excellent numbers of 27 wkts to his name.

12yr old Mann Bhanushali who began playing cricket since he was 6 is one of the rising young talents from Vashi, Mumbai professional tournaments including MCA Tournaments since last 3 years. Mann is known to be a utility player where he enjoys troubling the batsman by containing them. An overall econ of 2.51 across all the formats is a testimony of how frugal he can be with the ball. Another USP of Mann is he can deliver both leg and off spin in a single spell making him a very unpredictable bowler. In the last 3 years he has won 62 “man of the match” awards across all formats while he has more than 2400+ runs and 700+ wkts since 2017.

His friends and parents believe that Mann is one talent who works day in and day out at a very young age.  An innocent boy off the field, he is a proper “khadoos” on the field (term used to refer a smart Mumbai cricketers)

His father Vinod Bhanushali was in the Ranji Probables in his playing days and his only dream is to see his child reach a level of cricket which he always dreamt about. For the entire Bhanushali family, cricket is a religion which they breathe, his father shares “we don’t go to any parties, weddings or even funeral ceremonies of our relatives” as our only dedication and time is focussed on Mann” Apart from practicing at nets regularly, his father has made a proper set-up even inside the house where Mann practices for hours daily.

In the ASF Premier League, he was amongst the most economical and highest wicket takers with 21 wkts in 7 matches at an unbelievable average of 3.50 & economy of 1.63. In a tournament stamped & approved by the name of 1st Late Vijay Hazare Tournament, he came up with a crucial spell of 3/15 in the finals. Overall he scored 114 runs @29.00 at a strike rate of 90.00 while with the ball he took 9 wkts at an economy of 3.17 with a bowling average of 15.37.

Even in the practice match vs Vizianagram Team where Mann got only one over to bowl, he came up with a hat-trick which impressed none other than Pravin Gogri sir who said that a feat like this was probably achieved for the 1st time in 5 decades on this ground where a bowler grabbed a hat-trick in the only over he got to bowl!