Saksham Gupta

Saksham Gupta : Current Player of Sikkim Team

Date of Birth: 05/12/1998

Place of Birth: Kanpur

Clubs & Academies: Practiced at Kapil Cricket Academy & Vijay Dahiya Cricket Academy

Major Teams represented so far: Sikkim U23


Top Performances:

saksham gupta cricketer

113 off 134 balls in Delhi’s Club Level Local Tournament’19

102 off 130 balls in Delhi’s Club Level Local Tournament’18

83 off 101 balls in Delhi’s Club Level Local Tournament’19

57 off 62 balls in Delhi’s Club Level Local Tournament’21

54 off 68 balls vs SMIT B in Inter College Tournament’20

45* off 71 balls vs Guwahati in Inter College Tournament’18


50’s so far: 6

100’s so far: 2

Highest Score: 113




Ideally to make it big in cricket, you have to start from a very young age. If you would ask any International cricketer on what age did they began playing cricket, 8 out of 10 players would answer from 5 to 9 yrs of age. Hence, to start pursuing cricket professionally age the age of 17 is very very difficult looking at the serious competition out there in India. Starting to play cricket at the age of 18 without much support and making it into a state level team at the age of 21 is a no small achievement and Saksham Gupta is one of those players who is silently making a mark for himself.

Saksham who is at present just 23 years old has toiled hard enough in last 5 years to reach where he is today. Saksham recalls how he used to get zero support from any quarters but that hardly affected him or his game. “I used to go to the ground and players would ignore me, there would be seniors who would often drag me down saying I won’t be able to play anywhere but I just did not gave up. I started watching youtube videos like masterclass of many interational players while my mentor Keerty Adarsh also helped me a lot to overcome my batting issues, today I credit whatever I am to my mentor and coach”

saksham gupta

From going to the local grounds and getting ignored by peers to playing in a BCCI Tournament in a span of 4-5 years, Saksham made a big leap as he went on to represent Sikkim U23 team in Col CK Nayadu Trophy. Saksham recalls it was the best feeling of his life to feature in a BCCI Level tournament. Even in club level tournaments, Saksham kept on proving himself scoring some impactful knocks in practice matches and club tournaments of Delhi. Saksham has two hundreds in Delhi’s Local Tournaments with a best score of 113 while he has also played Inter College Tournaments where he has given promising performances vs teams like Guwahati and SMIT.

Here’s wishing Young Saksham all the luck for a great cricketing career ahead.