IMRAN KHAN- The original Superstar of Cricket


At a time when only films were able to create a normal human into a superstar, a player becoming superstar and achieving superstardom was surely not that a thing in the 70’s and 80’s. Sportmen apart from a few hardly achieved that much popularity as actors or politicians achieved during that time.

However, there was this one cricketer who swooned the entire nation of Pakistan with his drop dead looks and extra ordinary cricketing talent. Soon he became a charmer like no other sportsmen has become and achieved worldwide popularity because of his dashing persona, chocolate boy looks and bowling which can destroy the best of the batting line ups.


Suave, erudite, charming, intensely talented and heartthrob with a sex appeal which forced even the women of the house to switch on the TV and allow their husbands to watch cricket when Pakistan was playing. Imran khan was without a doubt one of the finest ever cricketers Pakistan has ever produced and is one of the top legends of Cricket.

362 wkts in Tests and 182wkts in ODI’s in 88Tests and 175 ODI’s hardly describes his on field aura, presence and impact which he brought whenever he represented Pakistan. What’s more close to 8000International runs with the bat too with an average of almost 38 in Tests and 34 in ODI’s made him one of the best all-rounders in the business. Imran Khan was surely on par with the all-rounders of his era like Kapil Dev, Ian Bothan and Richard Hadlee. What’s more, unlike other all-rounders like Kapil or Hadlee who kept on declining as their career progressed, Imran just kept on getting better like fine wine. In the last 10years of his cricket where he played 51tests, his batting average was just above 50.00 which is nothing but magnificent. His bowling average of 22.81 with the ball in Tests is still amongst the best bowling averages for a fast bowler with more than 350wickets.


That typical healthy blooded Pathani fair skin, long locks of hair, lanky yet imposing presence with tall height, jawline shaped to perfection and a smile which made the girls go weak, it was Imran Khan who popularized cricket on TV in Pakistan and played a major role in making cricket famous in his country. Lakhs of aspiring cricketers who had hardly dreamt of bowling fast on heartless baked mud all of a sudden wanted to emulate Imran after watching him bowl along with his supple and graceful bounding run up as well as his leap and his reverse-swinging Yorker.

Also Imran Khan turned himself into a genuine all-rounder worth a place for his batting alone and captained Pakistan as well as anyone, rounding off his career with the 1992 World Cup. Imran who hardly played any domestic cricket in Pakistan: instead he just flew in for home series from Worcestershire or Sussex, or rather from the more fashionable London salons. 

Imran’s off the field life was equally dynamic and charismatic as he had on and off affairs with reportedly many beautiful women in the world. And why not when you are a heartthrob and the most expensive brand of Pakistan, there is bound to be attraction.


66year old Imran Khan has married thrice by now with his first love from Britain was Jemima Goldsmith-a successful British journalist and a campaigner. His marriage lasted for 9years but he eventually divorced with Jemima in 2004 in June. Imran had two sons with Jemima and they had a really nice married life till the time they got divorced due to Imran’s flamboyant lifestyle which made Jemima a bit worried all the time. Rumors were also strong about Imran’s affair with the sexiest woman of India during 80’s Zeenat Aman!


Later on, the Pakistan Skipper was not the one to give up. The charmer at the age of 64 married the ultra gorgeous TV anchor of Pakistan Reham Khan who was 20years younger to him. But again the marriage hardly lasted 10 months compared to the 1st marriage which lasted almost a 10years.


Still if you think it was the Dasher’s last attempt, Imran Khan again married for the third time to a spiritual advisor called Bushra Maneka in February 2018. Hope this time the star cricketer leads his twilight journey till the end peacefully with his partner.

That was about his love life, after retiring from Cricket in 1992, the ‘ICC all time Cricket hall of fame awardee’ Imran Khan made a dashing entry into Politics too after he launched his party called Tehreek-e-insaaf in April 1996 which was basically a centrist political party. Khan fought for a seat in the National Assembly in October 2002 and served as an opposition member from Mianwali till 2007. Khan was again elected to the parliament in the 2013 elections, when his party emerged as the second largest in the country by popular vote thus achieving tremendous political success too. Today, Khan serves as the parliamentary leader of the party and leads the third largest block of parliamentarians in the National Assembly since 2013 which is a big achievement for a person who was not even a politician till 1992. Imran’s party also leads a coalition government in north-western province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa making him not only one of the most loved but also the most powerful people of Pakistan.

Imran Khan remains a popular political figure and is also a successful author of Pakistan: A Personal History among other publications too.

The man who wore numerous hats successfully had a life which can be easily a script for a successful blockbuster movie. A legendary cricketer, charmer, heart-throb, playboy, actor, author, politician-he has done it all and that too with enduring success. Sportsnasha team wishes Imran Khan a healthy and successful life ahead too.




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