If you are a cricket lover & a big fan of fast bowling, How can you miss these spells?

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Shaun Tait steaming in at 160.1 to Imran Farhat at MCG in 2009. He literally made Imran Farhat pee in the pants. Tait was bowling so fast there were swing and misses, even the ball which the batsman touched went for a boundary because of the sheer pace. In fact the keeper Brad Haddin & slip fielder Watson were literally having a ball witnessing the pace & laughing at the misery of Imran Farhat! The whole crowd was erupted when Shaun ‘The wild thing” Tait touched 100miles per hour. The crowd went berserk and you can hear the loud noise. A sheer entertainer. “A cricket ball does’nt get faster than that, no one likes to face a cherry at 160clicks’ were some of the lines told by commentators. A must watch over if you love fast bowling.



This bowling spell by many was termed as the ‘best bowling spell of the decade’ Wahab Riaz who was sledged by Watson in the semi-final match of the world cup did not leave any stone unturned when it was his turn to bowl. Wahab was so aggressive and venemous with the ball that shane watson was left away clueless on what to do! Wahab’s spell earned him overnight fans and one of the biggest fans he developed was the legendary Brian Lara who loved the spell so much that he even went on to defend Wahab when he was fined for over aggression. In fact Lara went on to say, such bowling had become a thing of the past and hardly seen nowadays, Lara also went on to state that he would pay the fine levied on Riaz, just let him play the way he is playing!


143. 156, 158, 160. 161 & 158 were the first six balls Criag Cumming had to face from Brett Lee who was at his peak during that time. Sheer pace and the batsman not able to figure out how to touch the ball!


Have you ever seen a gigantic personality in the world of cricket who has scored over 25,000 International runs, 41 Test Centuries & a illustrous career spanning over 17 years to struggle against a tall lanky 19 year old pace bowler? Well if you have’nt than watch this video, as this was a spell which gave Ishant Sharma a permanent place in the Test Team of India and is till date considered one of the most hostile spells by an Indian fast bowler against Aussies in Test Cricket. The way he made Ponting struggle and cry is surely going to remain the stuff of the legends.


His run-up, his on field attitude, his aggression and his signature style of celebrating wickets, the ‘Rawalpindi Express’. There is only one Shoaib Akhtar & no one’s gonna replace him for sure. He was indisciplined, he was a brat but there was no denying the fact that he was one of the fastest and most talented bowlers of his time. Had he been a little disciplined & consistent…he could have been one of the all time best fast bowlers in the annals of Cricket. He has had numerous great spells in his career right from removing the stumps of Lara, Ponting, Sachin, Dravid, Sehwag, Laxman and who not? but we particularly came across this spell in a T20 against Australia where he actually troubled the batsman with his sheer aggression & pace.


He is fast, he is sexy, he was a policemen off the field & unbashedly handsome. He is the real bond of Cricket, though he played less cricket but he will always be remembered as one of the fastest bowlers to reach 100 ODI wickets. He played less cricket due to fitness and injuries and his body not being able to cope up with the pace at which he bowls, but boy! isn’t that a sight watching him in full stride bowling at 90k’s per hour? He has had some great spells but we particularly came across something which was against Australia (4th ODI in 2010 where he was bowling in full flow at a great pace)

Note- These videos are also a great motivation for any kids or players who aspires to become a fast bowler.

Haineel Shah


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