How T20 Cricket Is Destroying The Very Existence of Test Cricket

Its been a really high time that we start to take into notice how to save the real school of cricket. The real roots of cricket i.e Test Cricket.


Those Ashes Series of the late 90”s and the early 2000’s, the rivalry test cricket between India-Pakistan, that silky and crafty drives from Laxman, a total work of art, those straight drives of Tendulkar, those long hours of Dravid, Ponting and Inzamam at the crease, the 50-over bowling spells of warner, kumble and murlitharan, those triple hundreds of sehwag, hayden and Lara or the all round brilliance of Kallis were all the rare sights of test cricket which are nowhere seen today!


T20 has almost destroyed the real school of cricket- “The Test Cricket”.

Cricket was invented, cricket is known and cricket is called cricket today because of Test Cricket but such is the irony that the holy spirit of the game is today not at all respected. It has killed its existence literally!

Today in lure of money, fame and quick access to international arena, players are training and conditioning themselves to just excel in limited overs. Today a cricketer does not have a dream to feature in whites for India but to feature in one of the uniforms of IPL Teams and get a paycheque in crores. Today a player can score a 25 ball 50 but they don’t have the patience to score a 50 ball 25. Today a player can play a scoopshot or any other maniacal shot but they won’t be good at those smooth cover drives and traditional cut shots or straight drives. Today a bowler can only bowl at a stretch for only 4-10 overs in a T20 or a one day but if you make him bowl for 30-40 overs, the next match they are injured! For them getting a place in SRK’s Kolkata Knight Riders and getting Ad sponsorships is more important than featuring in a India vs Pakistan ultimate test match/ODI or a test match against England at Lord’s. Getting a model or a bollywood girlfriend is a must but getting a test cap and scoring a well crafted century isn’t, all thanks to the invention of T20 cricket.

Today the players as well as us have forgot that the real cricket lies in Test Cricket. T20 is just for entertainment, just like you watch a movie or a WWE! The real definition of cricket has been damaged because of T20. The money which T20 cricket has rained has made players not cricketers but robots who perform according to the requirements of their respective bosses and TRP’s! Because of T20 now players are busy half of the year playing big bash, IPL and other T20 tournaments and they hardly get any time to represent their nation in whites. Because of the two hour entertainment it provides daily, people have started to forget that Test Matches ever existed and even if they knew, they would now find it boring. Also pity to the kids of today’s generation and the next generation to come as they will never ever come to know the real meaning and essence of cricket if things go on like these and still if any steps are not taken to revive back Test Cricket to its ultimate glory!


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