Five Insane Records Of Sachin Tendulkar Which No One Will Ever Beat In Their Lifetime!!

Many people consider themselves to be lucky that they were born during the same era as Sachin was born, many people consider him to be the God of cricket and for many he is the idol. Sachin Tendulkar does justice to all the tags that have been conferred to him as some of the records which he has achieved are impossible to achieve for any damn player in their lifetime

1. 200 Test Matches!


Many players consider themselves lucky even if they crack Test matches in their life and many consider Test matches to be a feat. But boy, such was the longevity and fitness levels of Sachin, he cracked as many as 200 Test Matches in his career which is nothing but an impossible dream for the players of today’s generation!

2. 100 International Centuries!


If 200 Test Matches weren’t enough, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has another mean feat which he has achieved & that is 100 International centuries. This is a benchmark record which will remain unbeaten for many years to come. Even the second highest scorer of centuries, Ricky Ponting is 26 centuries far.

3. Over 35,000 International Runs!


15,921 runs in Tests, 18,426 runs in ODI’s and 2797 runs overall in T20, Sachin has the highest tally of runs in International cricket. He has definitely set up a benchmark for the players of generations to come.

4. 2000 Runs Against Australia Alone!



Many players struggle to score 2000 runs alone in their career, but Sachin Tendulkar has scored more than 2000 runs alone against Australia over the years. Australia which is considered to be one of the most powerful oppositions for any player!

5. 51 Test Centuries!!


Sachin Tendulkar has a massive record of 51 Test Centuries to his name, he is the only test batsman to score over 50 Test centuries in the history of cricket, Sachin is also the only batsman to have a combined tally of 100 centuries in International cricket.


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