Different cricketing shots which the batsman made their own trademarks!

There are some shots which will always remain etched with a particular player in mind. Who can forget Saurav who was popularly called the “God of Offside” or those effortless straight drives of Sachin or vicious pull shots of Ponting? Over the time when you see a player performing for so many years, you associate a particular shot with them because that particular shot just looks too beautiful coming from their bat & it appears like they have specialized in that shot of theirs. Hence, we at sportsnasha brainstormed and jotted down a list of players and also various types of shots which we think they were associated with. These were the shots which you can truly say were owned by them as no one smashed that shot as good as them!

Ponting- Pull Shots

No doubt the punter since his childhood till retirement played on some of the fastest pitches in the world as Australian wickets generate deadly pace and that made him one of the greatest exhibits of pull shots you could ever witness.

Sachin- Straight drive

Watching an old straight drive against fast bowler of Sachin can make someone’s day. Shoaib akhtar, Waqar Younis, Wasim akram, Brett lee, Allan Donald and all the best bowlers have been victims of his beautiful straight drives which definitely manages to give a cricketing orgasm!

Sehwag-Powerful cut shots and upper cuts

Even though the upper cut was originally tried by Sachin but Sehwag took on the reigns from his master and did it more often than him. What’s more his upper cuts resulted in sixes to 150km.per hour balls of Lee and Akhtar!

 Ganguly- Cover drive

Dada was fondly called as the “God of the Offside” and there was a reason why he was called. The way he smashed cover drives against any bowling attack was a stuff of legends which the cricketing eyes misses it everyday. Ganguly who has scored 60% of his career runs in offside has over 1000+ cover drives to his name in professional cricket.

Mawell/Warner- switch hit

The advent of T20 made batsman to innovate to score runs faster and Left-handed David Warner literally stunned the crowd as he made a right handed six from his hands look more precise and beautiful than a original right handed batsman.

Warner/Maxwell- Reverse sweep

Only few players have balls to hit reverse sweep sixes to a spinner and one of them is Glenn MAXWELL who made things possible which at one stage people had not even imagined.

Dilshan- Dilscoop

The patented dilscoop by Sri lankan opener Dilshan had certainly become the talk of the town as the shot is extremely delicate and risky but still Dilshan played that shot against the best of the bowlers numerous times with ease.

Late cut- Shikhar Dhawan

The late cuts of Dhawan are so delicate that sometimes the bowler and the wicket-keeper gets fooled that he may leave the delivery. But at the last second he pushes his bat to hit a sublime boundary towards the offside and covers.

Delicate Leg Glance- Azharuddin

Azharuddin’s batting was considered to be the most beautiful thing ever to be created in Indian Cricket. His delicate wrists made him popular around the world and his boundaries made the best of the bowlers wonder about the art he possesses with the willow.

Flick of the wrists- Laxman

Laxman was the official replacement of Azharuddin as the hyderabadi batsman’s flick of the covers and cover drives through delicate wrist work was nothing but an artistry of pure test batting. Even Glenn Mcgrath said once “I still can’t believe how he smashed those cover drives without any force or power on Australian pitches”

Stand and deliver- Matthew Hayden

Long before Chris Gayle enthralled the world, it was this 6ft 3inches bulky and big bully opener of Australia whose shots displayed nothing but power and arrogance.

Semi Cut shots over the covers for six- Jayasuriya

If there is one thing the best of the bowlers of the 90”s and early 2000’s would be afraid of, it would be the powerful cut shots and sixes over the covers which Jayasuriya smashed. One of the most brutal openers also dealt in hitting one of the most brutal shots.

Flick Pull shot fours and sixes- Herschelle Gibbs

If Gibbs got going there was nothing which can stop this south African and one such shot which he liked early on in the innings was a semi pull and semi flick over the covers or off which was really beautiful to watch. Not exactly the shot seen above but he would often take a 140+ short deliveries comfortably for boundaries.

Front Foot Forward Defence- Rahul Dravid

Dravid’s front foot defence was strong it looked like a picture taken straight from a textbook on how to bat against fast bowlers. Shoaib Akhtar once got furious as he shared ‘I would run2miles to bowl at 150+ just to see Dravid leaving the balls or doing a pleasurely front foot defence over it.

Helicopter Shot- Dhoni

When Dhoni was new to internatonal cricket, he had come straight a small village, he who was not aware about the fame, name, respect and the responsibilities which were about to come. He was not aware about the gracious and glorious textbook cricket shots. All he had was power and the license to hit with his rural swagger. Helicopter shot was a result of that brash rural swagger and rawness which he had at the start of his career.


AB De Villiers-Scoop Shot

No doubt why AB De Villiers is called the 360 batsman as he can hit the ball in any corner of the ground and he made scoop shots like this his own. Ab made scoopshots looked so easy that most of the batsman apart from who tried fell out and realized only AB can do it with that much ease!

Marcus Trescothick

Not many kids of today’s generation might be aware that Michael Vaughan was one of the finest left handed openers England Cricket had seen. His cover drives to the toughest of bowlers during that time were a feast to the eyes and he remained a very important part of England’s setup for almost a decade. Michael has smashed effortless cover drives to the likes of Shoaib Akhtar, Brett Lee, Wqaqar Younis and many more legendary bowlers.