Cricket World Cup sees yet another disappointing day as the Rain God has the last laugh

As people in Mumbai were eagerly waiting for Rain God to wake up, quite contrastingly, people in England were waiting for Rain God to take some rest. With today’s Asian extravaganza between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh being called off due to rains, the ICC Cricket World Cup has witnessed three ‘No Result’ games out of 16. Let’s hope there are no more disappointing days in this exciting contest.

It is known to many that the British summer is a gamble. One year the weather will be picture perfect sunshine and the next will involve three months of non-stop rain. Will this year turn out to be a summer washout? Fingers crossed.

At the hindsight, the cricket fans must contemplate over two questions, number one, “Did ICC not check the weather forecast before scheduling the World Cup in England?” and number two, “Could the World Cup have taken priority over the IPL, just like in 2015?”

A team like South Africa who has had horrendous of starts would have felt more miserable when their match against West Indies was called off on Monday, courtesy the downpour. After today’s match also being abandoned due to heavy showers, both, the Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi outfits would be disappointed as the two sides would have fancied pocketing 2 points against each other. With practically no reserve days in store for the league matches, it will be interesting to see how the Cricket World Cup unfolds amidst the heavy rains.

As of now the millions of cricket enthusiasts can simply pray to Rain God to take it easy with its English child till July 14.


Juili Ballal (Cricket Journalist)

(Juili is a women’s cricketer who has represented Mumbai team, she is also an IIT’ian )