CRICKET AUSTRALIA- was this ball tampering for the first time or is this passed through every Generations?


BALL TAMPERING MEANING- Unlawful alteration of the surface or seam of a ball on the field, to affect its motion when bowled. It swings the ball more, generates more movement off the deck which results in troubling the batsman more to get wickets unethically.


Over the years we have admired Australian Cricket. More than admiring them, there has always been a fear and awe when you play against them because their team is always balanced, highly trained and fit, powerful and potent enough to destroy and defeat any team on any ground in the world.

Over the years, CRICKET Australia has demanded respect. It has ensured that the other teams look up to them as the leader of the ICC jungle and why not when their country has given players like Bradman, Warne, Ponting, Waugh Brothers, Lillee, Mcgrath, Lee, langer, Gilchrist, Gillespie, Macgill and so many more names we can just keep naming it. A rich legacy had been developed by them which made them the kings of cricket over the years.

But with just one move by this current crop of boys, the reputation of all theirs as well as all these players has been put on tenterhooks. Now it questions over doubts furthermore, that was this practice carried on by the earlier generations too? Was this practice done by the earlier captains too? Were they powerful and were able to defeat all the countries because of all these cheatings? Were their bowlers so successful because of ball tampering? Because the way they committed it so smoothly on field without any shame, it certainly appeared that this was not the first time! Rather the players were laughing and having fun while doing it which is a big shame.

Because of just one action done by this new bunch of rookies, now the entire world will look up to Cricket Australia with such questions. The reputation of entire country has been put on shame, the reputation of all these current ex-legends is in question now because of one silly mistake by Bancroft, Warner and Smith.


It was so heinous in crime and Cricket Australia who have been perennial icons when it comes to cricket are so much in shame that even their Prime Minister commented that it was utter disgrace. The bosses of Cricket Australia came immediately to SA and suspended the three of them and sent back home. IPL teams back here stripped them of their teams and captaincy, major brands terminated their brand ambassador contracts with them, they were charge 100% match fees, smith was removed from National Captaincy and suspended from playing furthermore till a conclusion comes, so were the other two players suspended.  Coach Darren Lehmann’s job is at stake, a big row occurred in the Australian dressing room with the Australian bowlers fighting with these 3 to not drag their names too.


Was ball tampering that important? Was ball tampering even worth it? Considering the consequences which now they are facing, was it even worth it to do at the first place? Anyway this incident brought more shame and disrepute than losing a game against SA on a fair note.

There is a thin line between casually making a woman laugh, healthy flirting with them and then molesting, stalking and harassing them.  These three players molested the game of cricket as well as the name of their legendary cricketers of the earlier generations and iconic Cricket Board which had taken decades to develop the reputation of being the best team & best cricketing country in the world.


On field fights, sledging, heated verbal exchanges all falls into the game, its healthy and it makes the game even more interesting and exciting as it shows the passion of both the countries but this was purely exceeding the line as they committed a crime which has spoiled their name as well as the name of their former legends and entire name of the country forever. Now even though no one may dare to this mistake again at International level but this incident will forever be etched in every cricket lover and cricket aspirant’s mind.

The same country which little aspiring kids and cricket lovers would look upto with awe and respect will now have questions running in their mind all the time whenever they come to the field to play ’Are they perennial cheaters?  Do they do this all the time? Is it that they just got caught this time or else they have been doing it since generations?

Hope Cricket Australia regains its faith and trust in the cricketing world and serves justice soon.






Haineel Shah


Article orignally written by the same writer for renowned grassroots sports website

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