Abhishek Jain Sidearm Specialist

Abhishek Jain: “Bowling in the right areas gives me great satisfaction”

Abhishek Jain is a trained sidearm specialist from Mumbai who is currently working at Dinesh Lad’s Cricket Academy in Mumbai. Abhishek is also a professional club level cricketer aiming to make it big in Mumbai Cricket. 23yr old Abhishek started practicing sidearm in 2017 and in 4 years he has worked a lot on his speed, variations and fitness. In this exclusive interview with Cricketwale.com, we interact with Abhishek to know more about his skills:

So when did you realize you wanted to be a sidearm specialist, what was the motivation behind it?

As we all know, competition in Mumbai Cricket is intense, there are thousands of talented and hard working cricketers in queue waiting for just one opportunity. In such levels of competition, I felt I need to have a back up and that’s how this idea came in. Also the fact that it’s very helpful for batsman plus it allows me to manage my expenses, I started taking sidearm practice seriously and soon I became good at it.

What speed do you bowl at, what are your specialities?

I currently give throwdowns at a speed of 125 to 135kmph while I am constantly working hard on my fitness and aim to reach atleast 145-150 kmph. I am quite good in bowling good length deliveries, Yorkers and bouncers, even the batsman enjoy a lot when I throw them scathing bouncers and Yorkers.

What aspects does a Sidearm Specialist need to keep in mind?

First of all, our fitness should be very important, we need to have strong shoulders and arms as majority of our work involves these two body parts. Apart from that, we need to have a strong game presence and analyse what areas a batsman needs to practice on and accordingly bowl in the right areas.

Till now what type of players have you worked with?

I have been grateful to work with many domestic players as well as International players. My speed and accuracy with the stick in hand has resulted in players enjoying the practice sessions. I have worked so far with Atif Attarwala (Mumbai Sr Team), Siddhesh Lad (Mumbai Sr and India A), Shashank Singh (Rajasthan Royals IPL), Akhil Rajput (Ranji Player), Ishaan Roy(Domestic Player), Suved Parkar (Mumbai Jr Team), Rudra Tank (Mumbai Jr Team),, Aayush Jethwa (Mumbai Jr Team), Pranav Kapadia, actor Bhaktyar Irani & JNS Jaguars Corporate team to name a few.

What are your aims for future?

I am thankful to Dinesh Lad sir for giving me the opportunity to work at his academy. I have learned a lot at his academy and his mere presence is a learning experience for youngsters like us. My dream is to work with Mumbai Ranji team and give them high quality practice while my ultimate goal is to be a part of Indian Team’s support staff as a sidearm specialist.


To book his sidearm services, you can reach out Abhishek on +91 84249 40296

Connect with him on Instagram: https://instagram.com/abhishek_jain_________?utm_medium=copy_link