5 Things Which We Madly Want To Witness Whenever India-Pakistan Clashes In ODI’s!


Its an unofficial National Holiday in India & Pakistan when there is a match between them. We gather the best excuses for a leave at the office or to shut the shop or bunking the college or classes! There is a reason why we all do this and there are things which we always expect when these two countries clash! Here a few to be precise……

Afridi Carnage!


Like literally, lakhs of Pakistanis as well as some Indians like me come to the stadium to see Boom Boom light up the stadium with his trademark maniac batting, hitting sixes and destroying the bowlers and India’s ego for years! We always expect him to perform like crazy though he hardly does that everytime!

Dhoni Dhamaka!


Remember the devastating 148 off just 123balls against Pakistan in his just 5th ODI of his career?  It was where he also showcased his helicopter shots and power hitting skills, we surely want Dhoni to repeat that feat and open the innings for India, atleast when it comes to Pakistan!!

Display of Pakistani Pace Bowling especially Amir!


Even though the likes of Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhtar and Waqar Younis have retired but Pakistan are known for their legendary pace bowling which is always the best in the world. Even now they have world class bowlers like Umar Gul, Wahab Riaz and especially this young kid Mohamad Amir who all can rip apart together any side with their bowling!

Kohli scoring a Century!


Virat’s 183 againts Pakistan is still fresh in our memories! Now that Sachin & Sehwag have gone, we still have Virat Kohli who could pump up any India-Pakistan match with his agressive centuries! We surely want more of him!

On Field Duels & Agression!

Gautam Gambhir, left, and Shahid Afridi confront each other after Gambhir hit a boundary off Afridi's bowling.

No amount of pressure,fire and agression can be compared to the India-Pakistan encounters! The levels are just different in a India-Pakistan match!
Shoaib Akhtar firing in on Sehwag and Sachin, Amazing celebrations when wickets start to fall, Afridi vs Gambhir or the nervous endings of the match lasting till the last ball!! Everything is just magical and we expect it to be magical whenever the two countries come together!



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