5 Reasons Why Virender Sehwag Was One Of The Most Brilliant & Entertaining Batsman To Watch!


The generation of today has not watched Viv Richards batting but we have surely seen Sehwag and that’s more than enough. Even Dhoni had the same thing to say for one of the most dynamic and enigmatic batsman India had ever produced!

Ruthless Yet Consistent


His madcap and aggressive batting was almost as crazy as Afridi or or Jayasuriya, but boy overall 9 double centuries, 2 triple centuries,  close to 16,000 international runs, more than 35 International centuries all with a strike rate of above 100 and a Test Batting Average of almost 50 can only be achieved by Sehwag. Hard hitting and aggression was always combined with consistency for this guy!

Power & Aggression


Sehwag was so powerful with the bat that once he hits, it stays hit. His natural aggression and fearless batting against the best of the teams and the best of the bowlers is just next to no one. Sehwag has given some of the most memorable and awesome starts for India and has damaged the best of the teams and bowlers around the world with his power and aggression.

Fast & Furious


Sehwag once said if the ball is meant to be smashed he will smash it, no matter what the situation or position of the game is. He never knew what a dot ball is! Strike rate of almost 85 in Tests and 108 in ODI’s just shows how fast he was while scoring runs! Lightning quick boundaries and half centuries was a common thing for this batsman.

Casual Style OF Batting

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Virender Sehwag was one of the most relaxed, cool and chilled out batsman to watch. He ‘hardly gives a fuck’ was his body language. No matter who is bowling, who is the opposition or how big is the target. Sehwag was always casual and chilled out with a cool head on the crease with minimal footwork while batting.



Sehwag always tried to take risks for his team, be it playing aggressively right from the start, smashing risky shots, top edging balls for sixes, hitting sixes to complete centuries and even triple centuries or completing milestones and helping India chase the toughest of targets or giving the best starts all the time!


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