5 Reasons Why Pathan Brothers Should Be Given A Chance To Play For India Again!

Who does not love when a pair of brothers or twins play for your country. It just gives you a different emotional high watching brothers playing together serving their country! Remember Mark waugh and Steve Waugh, Andy Flower and Grant Flower..these pair of twins dominated cricket in their prime & luckily even we have our very own pair of brothers but these talented chaps are hardly given a chance. No doubt, they have lost their form & zing but still they can be as potent for India if given an opportunity to play! Hence we came with a list of 5 genuine reasons why Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan should be given one more chance to make a comeback to the national side.

Hope BCCI is reading this!



There is no denying the fact that Irfan Pathan was once the ICC no.1 ranked bowler in ODI’s. He was even compared to Wasim Akram in his early days! Yusuf on the other side is a big-hitter of the ball & we all know how dangerous he can be at the middle order. India could have easily made Yusuf their very own Afridi or Symonds but never gave him much opportunities or groomed him much.

Deadly Duo


While Yusuf can clear the ropes and dismantle any bowling attacks on his day, Also not to forget his spin bowling which can give crucial breakthroughs sometimes! Irfan can bowl amazingly well in the opening spells and do some power-hitting down the order. Both the brothers together can prove to be a deadly combo for any side & India is anyways in a genuine need of an all-rounder and who better than these brothers to play for India.

Common! They Deserve One More Chance!


We all have some memories attached with these brothers. They have performed nicely for India in the past and some perfomances have truly been memorable! Remember Yusuf’s centuries against New Zealand & South Africa coming at a strike rate of almost 200 when the team was down or Irfan’s first over hat-trick against Pakistan in that test match removing Salman Butt, Younis Khan & Mohamad Yousuf with his trememdous magical swing or both the brothers performing nicely together in the ICC T20 World cup finals!

Brutal Power & Ability


Both these players possess a lot of power to play powerful shots down the order. Also on their day, they can make you win a match single-handedly either with the bat or with the ball.

Both Are All-Rounders(& India desperately needs proper all-Rounders)


We did came across Ravindra Jadega and R Ashwin but their batting is not something to boast about. While Jadega chips in with a few runs, he is not capable as Yusuf when it comes to playing fast or hitting sixes. R Ashwin on the other hand is a a proper bowler who bats. Also Yuvraj is in and out while Raina is not that effective with the ball, Hence India desperately needs genuine all-rounders and we are sure Pathan brothers can surely be termed as more proper all-rounders than these players mentioned above.



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