18yr old Arjun Tendulkar- a lethal bowler in the making?

Yes he is Sachin Tendulkar’s son, yes many may think that he may get It easily than others and yes there is already a lot of pressure on him. But keeping all that factors aside, Arjun who is now all but 18yrs old looks promising.

You look at him from a point of view of a normal kid playing on the field, you look at his willingness to play cricket when he is practicing and you look at his pace and bowling action. He is certainly more than a Sachin’s son as he can be the one who can make a mark in bowling and achieve many records as his father achieved in batting.

In reality, many a times it becomes more difficult for the star kids as already a lot of people judge them, rate their talent and they have pressure from different corners. It becomes all the more difficult for them to make a mark for their own. So sometimes their journey is equally difficult than a normal aspiring cricketer who wants to make a mark in cricket. From a normal aspiring cricketer, he will will work hard, he will perform and probably achieve success. No one knows them neither does anyone has expectation from them, hence they can easily progress without any pressures. But from star kids, even if you work hard, people will be judging you by the fact that they got things easily. Their hard work will only be visible if they grind hard and achieve something extra ordinary plus there will be pressure from different people on them to achieve.

As far as Arjun is concerned, he himself as well as his father have ensured he struggles like a normal aspiring cricketer does. Arjun practices hard at MIG cricket club almost everyday, grinds under the sun with his coach, bowls and does fielding practice. Arjun participates in local level MCA tournaments and plays with local teams in various tournaments to showcase his skills. Arjun has also taken wickets, 5wkt hauls as well as scored runs many a times helping his teams win, Both him and his father believe that he wants to don the Indian colors, it should be on merit and not on legacy which is completely a right thing to do.

Arjun also shies away from the media, likes to keep low profile, his bowling action is quite smooth and to an extent very effective for a left arm quickster. Sometimes, his action even resembles to Wasim Akram, he works hard on his fitness, does gym and daily exercises, he is already 5ft 11 and is just 18 by now but looks fairly well built for a fast bowler. Arjun also touches 135 with the ball and for anyone who have seen him bowl in the nets in the South Africa or Australian tours of India, anyone would believe the fact that he is a genuinely talented fast bowler who if keeps practicing hard and avoids diversing or distracting his lifestyle, there are full chances of him representing India and making 120crore Indians as well as his daddy proud.

So what if Sachin has retired, his blood and aura is still visible as well as always omnipresent in the form of Arjun Tendulkar in Mumbai cricket.