Here is the List Of 14 Of The Most Entertaining On-Field Spats Between Cricketers Since The Start of The 21st Century..!


Well cricket is a gentlemen’s game and we swear by it but sometimes the competition between the two teams or between the two players becomes so intense & aggressive that it becomes out of control for others to handle. Hence we brought out a list of 14 onfield spats which were really worth mentioning though there have been many in this 21st century. We are sure you guys will have a great time going through this list!

1. Harbhajan Vs Ricky Ponting

In 2000, sharjah

Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh (L) celebrates the wicket of Australian batsman Marcus North as captain Ricky Ponting (R) stands by, during the fourth day of the second test between India and Australia at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore on October 12, 2010. After India's Sachin Tendulkar had made 214 to give India a slender 17-run lead, the Aussies slumped to 94-3 in their second innings by tea. AFP PHOTO / Dibyangshu SARKAR (Photo credit should read DIBYANGSHU SARKAR/AFP/Getty Images)

A 19 year old Bhajji against a Punter who was batting flawlessly against the entire bowling line up. Bhajji was slapped for quite a few sixes and fours by Ponting before harbhajan clean bowled him & hurled some abuses on ponting. Before going back to the crease, Ponting who is not known to back down gave enough of hearful to bhajji back & it was a start of a generation & era who believed in epic sledging!

2. Sachin-Shoaib Akhtar-Sehwag       

Clearly based on the excerpts of Sehwag, we don’t remember the exact instance but Sehwag &Sachin were batting together and the rivalry or let’s say intense competition which Akhtar had with Sehwag and Sachin is already quite famous. It was in a match when akhtar was repeatedly bowling short stuff & bouncers & Akhtar would just stare or sledge something and go away. In one such instance he said to Sehwag….”Why not hooking my ball for a six? Your daddy is batting at other end (He was referring to sachin}  Tell him to hook den! The next over it was sachin who hooked shoaib akhtar’s 154kmph ball for an aggressive six to which sehwag retorted back to him “baap baap hota hai aur beta beta hota hai” Hilarious!

3. Yuvraj Singh-Andrew Flintoff

 (2007,T20 World Cup)

Well in this spat, it was actually Stuart Broad and the entire England team who suffered because of a tiff which took place between Yuvi and Flintoff. Flintoff who came and tried his best to abuse Yuvi making him feel little about himself, Flintoff apparently told Yuvraj, his shots were ridiculous & lacked grace or strength! Yuvi in return did gave his share of abuses to which Flintoff warned him to slit his throat to which Yuvi replied by saying “You know this bat in my hand, You know where am I gonna hit you with this? The verbal spat continued until Stuart Broad came into the sixth over and Yuvraj literally gave him & the England team the worst nightmare in a high intensity world cup match by smashing broad for six sixes in an over!

4. Symonds-Harbhajan,

2nd Test, Border Gavaskar Trophy

This match was already played in high spirits and there was already a lot of sledging going on from both the sides. But we never knew that the sledging may reach a different level altogether when Bhajji & Symonds took on each other. Already due to bad umpiring decisions & Symonds all round show (162* and 61 along with 3 wickets) India were frustrated & that led to an ugly brawl between these two where in Symonds used the ‘F” word to which Harbhajan racially abused him calling him Monkey on the basis of his looks which angered Symonds & led to a major brawl & controversy. Harbhajan was also banned by the match referee for three matches before the charges were lifted.

5. Shahid Afridi-Gautam Gambhir

    3rd ODI, Kanpur, 2007

India Pakistan match is incomplete without a onfield brawl or a fight or some sledging & similar thing happened between the two firecracker personalities from both the sides namely Gambhir & Afridi. Gambhir who was struggling at the crease against the tight bowling attack tried to snatch a quick single off Afridi. In the process, Gambhir forcefully collided with Afridi which clearly raised Afridi’s temper too. What led after that was a string of abuses of the choicest of bad words and a man to man face off between Gambhir & Afridi which was later separated by Dhoni and other on field players and umpires. That fight surely raised the aggression and intense factor of the game!

6. Ishant Sharma-Kamran Akmal

     December 2012, T20, Bangalore

Though both the players were fined for their over the top on field altercation but it seemed Ishant was the dominating one. While chasing the target, Pakistan were looking good and so was Akmal at the crease who had a heated argument and a few heated stares with Ishant Sharma. Akmal finally lost his cool and confronted him after the completion of the over in which both the players literally took on each other & were needed to be calmed down by their team mates. While Pakistan won the match, Ishant was charged 15% of his match fee & Kamran 5%

7. Sreesanth-Harbhajan

IPL, 2008, Kings XI Punjab vs Mumbai Indians


It Was the inaugural first edition of IPL & Sreesanth playing for Kings XI Punjab and Bhajji for Mumbai Indians entered in a huge spat after Sreesanth took a dig at him & his team after Mumbai Indians lost to Punjab which Bhajji did not take it lightly. Harbhajan slapped sreesanth after a heated argument & sreesanth was later seen crying after he got a slap. While harbhajan was banned for the entire tournament for such reckless behavior, sreesanth was let off with a warning.

8. Kieron Pollard-Mitchell Starc

2014, IPL, Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore


Surely this was one of the ugliest incidents of fights to be witnessed on a cricket field. Many have termed it to be the worst fight ever to be displayed which could even affect the reputation of the Gentleman’s game. It happened when Starc taking his full run up was about to deliver the ball and Pollard deliberately moved away stopping the bowler to bowl. In response Starc  stopped and aggressively throwed the ball towards the stumps, actually not towards the stumps but on pollard’s legs with aggression and force which surely offended the West Indian. In return pollard literally threw off his bat towards him and later both exchanged a slew of expletives.


9. Gautam Gambhir- Virat Kohli

IPL-6, 2013, Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

Two of the long time team mates and friends right from their Delhi Team to representing India as well as the senior players now, it was highly unexpected and shocking to see such a fight between two big Indian cricketers. The incident happened when Kohli was dismissed by Balaji after smashing two sixes against Pradeep Sangwan in the previous over to which Gambhir and his team mates celebrated the wicket with a lot of joy. Kohli did not took it lightly and later said something which sparked the KKR skipper Gambhir to literally charge towards kohli and enter in a face off which included a lot of verbal exchanges before Rajat Bhatia came in between the two to calm things down.


10. Wahab Riaz vs Shane Watson

      It was 2015 CWC Quarter final


Click on the link to watch this amazing and magical bowling spell from Wahab Riaz

One of the most intense matches of the year and the tournament. Watson & co. had already sledged Wahab when he was batting & the whole Pakistan team a lot.  Wahab riaz had decided he won’t spare Australia & especially Watson for sure & that probably led to the best fast bowling spell of the decade or of the 21st century . The way Riaz was charging with pace & aggression towards the Australian batsman & especially Watson was a sight to behold. Clapping near his face, flying kisses after hurling him with unplayable bouncers which watson could do nothing but duck, deadly bouncers, quick in swingers, then again bouncers, smashing helmets, swing and a miss & add to it his energy and sledging towards Watson had reached a different level. Even now, we still enjoy looking at that bowling spell of Wahab Riaz. Watson himself admitted that it was one of the nastiest bowling spells he came across in his career. This even urged Brian Lara to defend Riaz when he was fined after the match for showing extra aggression towards the batsman to which Lara responded that “He will pay the fine for the boy, let him play the way he wants, as such rare scenes of aggressive & genuine fast bowling was missing since so many years” ‘Eager to meet Riaz”

11. Afridi vs Jacques Kallis

3rd ODI, 17TH march 2013

This was not a fight but a sweet battle to remember. Kallis was charging in with pace and bounce to which Afridi  missed the first few balls of Kallis’s bouncers and short stuff. Kallis laughed off and even stared Afridi over his inability to face his balls. Later came the next two deliveries where one was a bouncer and one a short delivery, in which both the deliveries Afridi smashed them to the boundary ropes for furious sixes with strength and ease showing his authority which he yields with the bat & later on pouting with a kiss to Kallis which Kallis totally did not like. Never the less it was a really competitive yet sweet rivalry between the two of them.

12. Sreesanth- Andre Nel

India Vs South Africa, 1st Test Wanderers

It was the first test when Sreesanth came in to bat & their Africa’s super charged Andre Nel who does not spare anybody with his sledging tried to take on Sreesanth too trying to intimidate him with pace, bouncers and a lot of sledging. As Sreesanth told- Nel was trying to frighten him saying him”I can smell blood, i’m gonna smash your head out”  “You do not have the guts.’ Showing his emblem on the shirt, Nel said ‘I am playing for this. You are a scared fellow, rabbit. I will get you the next ball’. Sreesanth took everything in his stride and later smashed Andre Nel’s delivery for a huge six. Sreesanth getting emotional and angry at the same time for his wonderful reply came towards Nel & raised his bat & started dancing much to everyone’s amusement. Though Nel was not punished for his sledging, sreesanth was fined 30% of his match fee for his on field histrionics.

13. Gambhir-Andre Nel

19th November, 2007, 2nd ODI, Bangalore

This was not a bloody serious fight but surely one of the funniest sledging incidents. Nel & Gambhir both are known for their flared tempers. While Nel was charging in, Gambhir smashed his bouncer without giving the bowler any respect, top edging the delivery for a boundary. That already made Nel furious which led him to say something to Gambhir in a fit of anger and game’s pressure. Next delivery Nel bowled a gem of a delivery making Gambhir leave the ball & getting a nice stare from Nel, the next delivery again Gambhir smashed for a boundary which led to further altercations between Gambhir & Nel & it made Nel all the more furious. Then again came a slew of good deliveries and funny exchanges of stares from Nel. It was indeed a really really cute sledging between Nel and Gambhir!

14. Gambhir-Watson

2008, Border Gavaskar Trophy, 3rd Test

Australia-India has a long history of amazing test rivalry, so sledging, aggression and flared tempers are a normal thing & especially with Gambhir who is known to have a hot temper & does not take anything lying down from others. Fresh from two centuries in the last two tests against Australia, Gambhir already had a lot of verbal duels with the opposition. While Watson was already sledging Indian cricketers while bowling, he even had a few altercations with Gambhir. The incident happened in the 51st over when Gambhir furiously elbowed Watson while taking a run which Gambhir claims was not intentional though it led to an ugly spat between the two players as Watson totally got furious and offended by that physical gesture throwned by Gambhir.


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