10 Cricketers Who Won The Hearts Of People Not Only With Their Perfomance But Also With Their Looks!


There are players who steal their fan’s hearts through sheer perfomance on the field & then there are players who simply draw crowds to the stadium because of their good looks and hotness on and off the field, hence we brought out a list of 10 cricketers who were truly handsome. There were many cricketers, no doubt about that & apologies to those who think their name did’nt feature but these were the 10names we shortlisted while figuring out & thinking!

Shahid Khan Afridi


Women literally go crazy over this almost 6ft well built, fair and extremely good looking Pathan. He is the official hearthrob of pakistan and God for the youngsters out there. His fan following is next to nobody not only in Pakistan but also in India and around the world. Add to it his madcap batting and aggressive swagger on the field, Afridi single-handedly can draw crowds to the stadium. That is one of the reasons Shahid features in lots of ads in Pakistan, even movies are made on him!

Imran Khan


Back in the 70’s and 80’s was a hearthrob who ruled the hearts of Pakistani women and infact women from around the world with his extremely charming looks and raw personality. A typical fair and well built pathan, Imran Khan was one of the most good looking cricketers ever during that time!

Stephen Fleming


The ex-Kiwi skipper was a under-rated batsman but one more thing of his was quite under-rated & that were his really really good looks. A perfectly handsome face, a smart captain & a stylist left handed batsman, what more can a team and their fans ask for ?

Damien Martyn


Damien Martyn is another name who has been an under-rated as well as under appreciated in all the departments including the looks! Damien Martyn was an absolute delight to the eyes both with the bat as well as with his looks. A batsman who has scored over 10,000 runs for Australia is still never considered or appreciated in the league of the Ponting’s, the Clarke’s, the Hayden’s or the waugh brothers, despite being the silent warrior of the Australian Cricket for so many years!

Virat Kohli


Okay! now this name was obvious, especially in this list. Kohli is the modern day sex god of Indian cricket, he is too hot, his perfect body, those tattoos, that stylish hairstyle and beard and a good dressing sense makes him the top front-runner in this list. Virat is no doubt the modern representation of the new age Indian cricket unlike the Dravid’s and Ganguly’ and the Kumble’s, the traditional ex-skippers of India.

Brett Lee


Lee is by far the sexiest fast bowler to have ever graced the field. Lee is also cute as hell! Ask any women about it if you have any doubts! The way he bowls, his run-up, his sugary cute looks and his hair weaving in the air with that cheetah like run-up can surely make any women go weak on their knees. Brett lee surely gets 10 out of 10 on sexiness and cuteness quotient.

Michael Clarke


The “Pup” as he is fondly called, is actually too cute and clarke actually looks like a small cute puppy! Jokes apart, Clarke is too stylish and good-looking on and off the field! We are sure he has a lot of female fan following back there in Australlia.

Alastair Cook


The most successful test batsman of England in the history is also one of the most good looking faces to come out from the English Cricket. Cook is tall and lean…which adds further to his sweet smile and a perfectly chiseled face and jawline!

Brendon Mccullum


His ripped body, those bulging biceps and a body covered with sexy tattoos and add to it his wild batting histrionics makes him the perfect crowd-puller ever in the history of New Zealand cricket. Add to it his success in IPL, he must be having equal fan following especially equal female fan following even in India!

Graeme Smith


The stylish left-hander as well as the former skipper of South Africa had a great face and a persona to go with. His looks were like- “let’s talk about business” ! Serious yet cute, cool and handsome, all at the same time. You do deserve an appreciation from us Graeme!

Special Mentions For-


James Anderson(England)

Irfan Pathan(India)

oin Eoin Morgan(England)

Ab De Villiers(South Africa)


Ahmad Shehzad(Pakistan)


 Chris Gayle(West Indies)


Ramnaresh Sarwan(West Indies)

Shane Watson(Australlia)

uv Yuvraj Singh(India)


 Mitchell Mcclenaghan (New Zealand)



 Mitchell Johnson

Hope you guys loved the article!

Haineel Shah


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