10 Batsman With Highest Number Of Sixes In International Cricket!

There are batsman and then there are sixers who are just entertaining to watch! Hence we brought out a list of 10 Batsman with the highest number of sixes in International Cricket!

Note- The sixes calculated are a total of ODI’s, Tests & T20’s and sixes of IPL and other domestic leagues are not calculated.

Shahid Afridi- 476 sixes


You can hate him or you can love him, but you can never ignore him. There is one section of the crowd which will always criticize him & then there is one section of the crowd which worships him as their hero, their hearthrob! Irrespective of that, there is no denying the fact that he is a “genuine sixer” & clears the rope with authority. Entertaing the crowd since last 20years, the crowd-puller, Boom Boom Afridi is at no.1 with 476 sixes.


Chris Gayle- 434 Sixes


The real bull from Jamaica, Chris Gayle has been a monster batsman since the last half of the decade. The way he hits sixes with brutal force and ease can literally put bowlers into depression. Chris Gayle is at no.2 with 434 sixes.

Brendon Mccullum- 398 Sixes


If the top entertainers of the 21st century are to be rated, Brendon will be surely amongst the top three. On his day, he can be a thrill to watch. Mccullum”s eccentric power hitting is like a roller coaster ride for the fans! Brendon has 398 sixes to his name.


Sanath Jayasuriya- 342 Sixes


Long before the likes of Chris Gayle and Mccullum came to the limelight for their hitting abilities, it was this bull from Sri-lanka who terrorized the best of the oppositions with his attacking style as an opener. No denying the fact, Sanath Jayasuriya is at no.4 with 342 sixes. We still remember his effortless leg glance sixes on the leg side which sanath used to smash with so much ease!

MS Dhoni- 302 sixes


Who else hits sixes better than MS Dhoni! The pure raw power which he displays while batting is just tremendous. Harsha Bhogle famously called Dhoni once a “Butcher” for the way he hits bowlers wildly out of the park. With 302 sixes, MS Dhoni is at no.5 .

Ab De Villiers- 289 sixes


The 360 Degree batsman enters the list at no.6 with 289 sixes and we are quite sure in the next few years to come, De Villiers will top the charts in this list. A really dangerous batsman, De Villiers has all the shots in his arsenal to destroy the opponents.


Sachin Tendulkar- 264 sixes


When we talk about records, how can Sachin miss any of the lists. The little master was as good as clearing the ropes as he was with hitting the centuries. With 264 sixes, Sachin is at no.7 .


Adam Gilchrist- 262 sixes


One of the most devastating left-handed openers in the history of Cricket who gave Australia the most memorable starts is at no.8 with 262 sixes!

Saurav Ganguly- 247 sixes


In his prime, Ganguly was and in fact still regarded as the “King of offside”. Ganguly was a genuine slogger of the ball and had the ability to clear stadiums. It was only in the last few years of his career, he calmed and slowed down a bit because of his loss of form. But still Ganguly manages to feature in the top 10 list of sixers with 247 sixes.


Ricky Ponting- 246 sixes


The most ruthless batsman of Australia, Ricky Ponting would often show no mercy to the bowlers when he is in that attacking zone. Ponting with 246 sixes is at no. 10 .


11. Chris Cairns- 240 sixes


Chris Cairns may be at no.11 with 240 sixes to his name but in his playing days he was well amongst the top sixers of the game. The legendary Kiwi All-rounder was a rare breed of power-hitting and conistency both with the bat and the bowl.

(Note-the records are subject to change)


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