10 Batsman with Highest Number of Run-outs in ODI’s!

The list is filled with some of the biggest names in International Cricket & we are sure these players are not very glad to find their names in this unfortunate list. Hence, we bring out a list of Batsman with the maximum run-outs in ODI’s!

Marvan Attapatu-41 Run-outs


One of the most elegant and graceful batsman of Sri-Lanka. The former Sri-lankan captain tops the chart of this unfortunate list with 41 run-outs to his name. No denying the fact that his shots were effortless but his running between the crease was surely not!


Rahul Dravid- 40 Run-outs


“The Wall” Rahul Dravid always believed in taking quick singles and two’s rather than hitting sixes. Hence 40 Run-outs to his name doesn’t surprise a lot. Also he always selflessly played for his country & Dravid never cared giving away his wicket for India while trying to score runs.


Inzamam-Ul-Haq-40 Run-outs


There is no doubt, Inzamam is one of the best batsman in the history of Pakistan as well as amongst the best batsman in the world but Inzy was also officially the most poorest runner and co-ordinator between the crease. Thanks to his hefty body, Inzamam has been a victim as well as a reason to some of the most foolish and funniest of run-outs in ODI’s!


Mohamad Yousuf- 38 Run-outs


CHESTER-LE-STREET, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 10: Pakistan batsman Mohammad Yousuf leaves the field after being dismissed during the 1st NatWest One Day International match between England and Pakistan at the Emirates Durham International Cricket Ground on September 10, 2010 in Chester-le-Street, England. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Another very successful batsman of Pakistan enters the list at no.4 with 38 run outs to his name. Mohammad Yousuf who has batted a lot with Inzy during his entire career is bound to be in this list, isn’t it?!


Wasim Akram-38 Run-outs


Third legend of Pakistan enters the list with 38 run-outs. Wasim who has batted almost his entire career down the order in the last 5-20 overs is justified to have gone through this many run-outs.


Mahela Jayawardene-38 Run-outs


The batting master of Sri-Lanka, Jayawardena is at no.5 with 38 run-outs in his career. Like Yousuf with Inzamam, Jayawardena has batted a lot with Attappatu. We are sure half of his run-outs must have been with him!


Sachin Tendulkar-36 Run-outs


Isn’t if unfair when we talk about records and Sachin’s name does not feature in it. Hence, Sachin with 36 run-outs is at no.7 .


Mohammad Azharuddin-32 Run-outs


Well, A movie is being made on Azharuddin which will release soon. Azhar, one of the most crafty batsman to have ever played for India enters this unfortunate list with 32 run-outs.


Mark Waugh-32 Run-outs


The one half of the legendary “Waugh Brothers” who dominated the game of cricket together for many years. Mark Waugh, the middle order batsman of Australia is at no.9 just above ponting with 32 run outs.


Ricky Ponting-31 Run-outs


This is one of the list where Ponting won”t mind being at the bottom at no.10. The “punter” ponting who is always charged up, enthusiastic & active to run on smallest of opportunities is at no.10 with 31 run outs.


(Note- The records are subject to change, always)

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