10 Batsman Who Were too slow in ODI’s!

Well there have been many batsman in ODI’s who were defensive by nature. They would never go for the wild shots and look to play fast. Take example of Dravid or Jayawardene or the Waugh Brothers of Australia. But there is a thin line between being a defensive batsman and a batsman who actually likes to play slow and steady….& we came with some of them!

Marvan Attapatu

Marvan Attapatu against pakistan

The former Sri-Lankan Captain was no doubt a elegant and technically sound batsman but he was hardly agressive. In his career of over 250 ODI’s, Attapatu has only 15 sixes! Imagine and a strike rate of 69 which nowadays batsman are having in Tests! He would just go on and build the innings.


Shivnarine Chanderpaul


Shivnarine Chanderpaul has played some of the slowest innings in ODI’s. We have personally seen him score fifties from 90 and 100 balls in ODI’s so many times! Such was his rock solid batting, he served West Indies for more than a decade.


Ramnaresh Sarwan


Sarwan though does not play slow all the time, but 6 out of 10 times, he plays extremely slow! It is sarwan’s natural game to start slowly and pace the innings.

Michael Vaughan


Michael Vaughn had a strike rate of 67 in ODI’s! He was shamelessly slow in batting! But who cares! When you have strauss, trescothick, Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen in the line up, you can surely afford to play slow!

Inzamam ul-haq



This is a guy who had a strike rate of just above 70 in over 380 ODI’s! Inzamam had the ability to stay at the crease for the longest hours & frustrate the best of the bowlers and teams! He could literally kill and irritate the team to death if he wanted to! Best part of Inzamam was no team or a bowler or a huge target could bring him under pressure and he would go on to play the way he plays.




To take former skipper Inzamam’s legacy ahead, Pakistan have their current test skipper Misbah-ul-Haq to take the reigns ahead. If Inzamam was slow, this guy is like a glue attached to the crease. You won’t get him out quickly. Remember his super slow innings in the T20 World cup final against India? lol!


Sunil Gavaskar


Sunil Gavaskar had a similar ability like Inzamam to stay at the crease for the longest hours and showcase the world his best defensive skills. He would often irritate and upset the best of the teams with such type of innings!


Javed Omar Belim(Bangladesh)


Strike rate of 52 in ODI’s, Yes you heard it right! Omar was one of the technically correct openers for Bangladesh but his batting style was quite behind in the time he played. The former opener was a one hell of a slow batsman. Run-rate of 3 or 4 was maximum Bangladesh would reach when Omar was their opener!


Ian Healy


The former Australian wicket-keeper was a one tricky customer to bowl to. Healy would often stick like a fevicol to the crease and play slow and long innings both in ODI’s & Tests!


Habibul Bashar


The Bangladesh skipper had a strike rate of 66 in ODI’s. What’s more, hardly in his career did he played a aggressive knock! He would often be slow right from the start.





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